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Summer maintenance


summer guitar maintenance summer guitar maintenance

Summer seems to be really here and it’s time to either save your stringed music instrument for the duration of holidays or prepare it for use in summer months.

Following are few suggestions to keep your music instruments happy throughout the holidays!

Things to do for the instruments that will be stored for the summer:

  • Detune

Violin neck can easily unglue if the instrument is left tuned in hot space:

summer_guitar_maintanance_violin example

Guitar bridge can be another victim of string pull and summer heat: 

summer_guitar_maintanance_guitar example

  • Choose cool, dry storage space2

  • Oil fret board3

2Luthier glues are specifically formulated to release with heat application, so leaving music instrument in a really hot space, e.g. car boot, sunny room, etc, in many cases results in instrument ungluing and needing complicated and costly repairs once the summer is over. 

1The danger is much worsened in case if the instrument happens to be tuned and therefore kept under strain, glue softens in day heat and sets during cooler nights, resulting in instrument bending following the pull of the strings or in many cases ungluing.

3Humidity and heat are extremely dangerous to instruments whose necks have dried over time, which can be prevented by treating the neck with oil made for fingerboards*.

*not applicable for maple fingerboards

Jim Dunlop System 65 care system for stringed instruments offers 2 products for fingerboard conditioning:

Dunlop Formula  65 Lemon Oil Dunlop Lemon oil - €3.50(1oz spray)
Dunlop Formula 65 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner

Dunlop Fingerboard deep conditioner - €6.00 (2oz with applicator)

The instrument that will be used in summer months will need a little bit more attention than the same instrument during cooler part of the year, due to the temperature changes, higher humidity and sweaty fingers!

The points mentioned in a checklist above (for instruments stored in summer) apply also to the instruments that will be played, except that you don’t need to detune.

Additionally I would also suggest deeper cleaning for fingerboard before applying the oil as besides humidity the fingerboard of your instrument will also be faced with sweat which is almost impossible to avoid in summer heat.  You will also need to change your strings more often than in winter months as together humidity and sweat make more damage & faster.

You can find following Jim Dunlop products useful for your instrument maintenance:

Dunlop Formula 65 Fingerboard Cleaner & Prep Dunlop Fingerboard cleaner & prep (4oz spray) – deep clean the fingerboard
Dunlop Formula  65 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner
Dunlop Fingerboard deep conditioner - €6.00 (2oz with applicator) – deep conditioner
Dunlop Formula 65  Guitar Polish & Cleaner

Dunlop polish & cleaner - €3.50 (1oz spray) – polish and cleaner for the body of guitar,

bouzouki & other stringed instruments, except violins

Dunlop Formula 65 Orchestral Polish & Cleaner

Dunlop orchestral polish & cleaner - €4.00 (2oz spray) – polish and cleaner for violins

and other orchestral stringed instruments

Dunlop Formula 65 Bodygloss Cream of Carnauba Dunlop cream of carnauba bodygloss - €8.60 (4oz) – protective wax coating for instrument body
Dunlop Formula 65 Ultraglide - String Cleaner&Conditioner

Dunlop ultraglide string cleaner & conditioner -€5.00 (2oz with applicator) –

– clean and protect strings for longer life reducing finger squeaks at the same time.

Keep your instrument well maintained to enjoy it throughout the summer and beyond!

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