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UFIP cymbals

Play the Difference

For your next cymbal, don’t choose by your ears.

UFIP is the only premium cymbal manufacturer in Italy and one of the very few major cymbal brands produced in Europe

“Rotocasting”® is what makes UFIP cymbals different from all the rest. This process of subsequent pressing reduces air pockets in the alloy and ensures greater thickness of the bell compared to those cymbals obtained by simple pressing. This allows a better sound that wave along the cymbal surface.

UFIP Rotocast® cymbals are made using only the finest B20 Bell Bronze offering a purity of sound or wide dynamic range. Every process is completed by hand, resulting in an instrument that is as individual as you.

To read more about the origins of UFIP cymbals:: UFIP

Play the Difference

Class is UFIP!

This series is the result of almost 80 years of cymbals manufacturing, making Class the most complete and versatile range available. The SCS (Sound Control System) allows us to classify every cymbal based on its final weight using three categories – High, Medium and Low, giving the drummer a complete coverage of pitches.

The Class range for 2012 is completed by the introduction of a Brilliant finish, only available in the light weights.

You can now choose, regular or Brilliant! For more info: Class Series

Main Features
Alloy - Cast Bronze B20.
Production - Cast using the “Rotocasting”® procedure, completely handmade, cross hammered, hand finished.
Level - Professional.
Applications - Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Fusion, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Latin, World Music.
Sound - Versatile sound range, powerful but controlled, glassy and brilliant with a wide dynamic range.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 8” €146 14” (hi-hat) €420 16” €262 18” €326 20” €407

New CLASS brilliant finish. Lightweight models. Faster and more dynamic sound, warm and deep.
The new Class Brilliant offers a warm and deep sound, more dynamic and faster than the regular Class. The new Class Brilliant are ideally suited to Pop, Fusion and Acoustic music.

Main Features
Alloy - Cast Bronze B20.
Production - Cast using the “Rotocasting”® procedure, completely hand made, cross hammered, hand finished.
Level - Professional.
Applications - Pop, Fusion, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Latin.
Sound - Fast and dynamic, warm and deep.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 14’’ (hi-hat) €454

The New BIONIC has evolved into an even more exciting and musical range with a new twist on the original Bionic concept, making this series even more contemporary and totally up to date. A truly stunning playing experience for the rock and metal drummer that requires a real musical cymbal.
These cymbals are faster and more dynamic, but still retain the power and cut of the original Bionic classics. The Bionic sets a new standard, simply awesome! Hammered especially deep and wide, then polished to a lustrous golden finish, giving the cymbal added warmth, richness and tonality, the new Bionic Series offers great control and versatility in any musical environment. For more info: Bionic Series

The new Bionic Series, a Modern Classic!

Main Features
Alloy - Cast Bronze B20.
Production - Cast using the “Rotocasting”® procedure, completely handmade, deep hammered with double punch, hand polished.
Level - Professional.
Applications - Hard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal, Fusion.
Sound - Powerful, bright and warm with many overtones, wide dynamic and sustain.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 10’’ €174 14’’ (hi-hat) €454 16’’ €280 18’’ €342

The Extatic Series represents a perfect hybrid of Jazz and Rock cymbals. The unusual final turning, unique hammering process, choice of weights and the blending of the dark rich tones of the Natural Series coupled with the dynamics of the Class Series make the Extatic range the new benchmark for Pop, Fusion and Melodic Rock. For more info: Extatic Series

Main Features
Alloy - Cast Bronze B20.
Production - Cast using the “Rotocasting”® Procedure, hand hammered using cross hammering, finished using a combination of Natural and Class processes.
Level - Professional.
Applications - Pop, Fusion, Melodic Rock, Funk.
Sound - Controlled and rich with medium sustain, attack and volume with frequencies concentrated on the mid range of the sound spectrum.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 10’’ €136 14’’ (hi-hat) €424 18’’ €290 20’’ €332

The Supernova Series is a result of two years research and development. Over this period we tested many different combinations of materials, weights, shapes, hammering and finishing processes.

The result is awesome! Fast response, crystal clear and glassy tone. Though not excessively powerful these cymbals sparkle with a incredibly dynamic and contemporary sound.

The range is completed by the introduction of 14” and 16” chinas. For more info:Supernova Series

Main Features
Alloy - Sheet Bronze.
Production - Innovative hand hammering procedure using fast rotation, Brilliant Finish, Hand Polished.
Level - Professional.
Applications - Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Funk and other Urban genres.
Sound - Dynamic, Crystal Clear, Fast Response, Brilliant.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 10’’ €102 12’’ €130 20’’ €267

The Natural Series have been sensitively updated and fine tuned with the purpose of getting back to the main features that have defined this range since its conception.

The New Natural are darker, richer and warmer, they are faster in response and considerably more versatile.

The weight of the crashes have been reduced, as have the weight of the Splashes, Rides and Chinas. The heavy weight in the Rides and Hi-Hats disappear, and we retain the Medium and Light weight models.The range is completed by the introduction of 19” and 20” crashes and 15” Medium and Light Hi-Hats.For more info: Natural Series

Main Features
Alloy - Cast Bronze B20.
Production - Cast using the “Rotocasting”® Procedure, thermal procedure for reduction of surface tensions, completely handmade, deep hammered with double punch.
Level - Professional.
Applications - Jazz, R&B, Fusion, Blues, Country, Acoustic.
Sound - Controlled, dark, rich and warm with frequencies concentrated on the low range of the sound spectrum.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 16’’ €262 18’’€312 21’’€372

A New Concept! After continuous research and development, we have created the new and explosive sound of the Blast Crashes and Hi-Hats. These cymbals have a contemporary sound for today’s diverse music market. Hand made in Cast Bronze B20, the main design feature of the Blast cymbals is a double hammering process which incorporates both, traditional and new machine hammering procedures. The result is awesome! Bright and explosive, trashy and oriental with a very fast attack and short decay the crashes, full and powerful, loud and extremely dynamic the Hi-Hats. The Blast cymbals fit into all modern music styles and are perfect for Jungle, Drum and Bass and Electro. Blast Hats

In Stock(30.06.2015): 15" €592.00

The Tiger Series are pressed cymbals, which are given the same level of attention, care and hand hammering that we use in the production of our Professional Rotocast series resulting in a high quality mid range product. The Tiger Series are produced using a special surface treatment, giving them their unique look and a sound that is explosive, powerful and rapid in response, proving them to be ideal for Rock, Metal and Punk genres. For more info: Tiger Series

Main Features
Alloy - Sheet Bronze Cusn 8.
Production - Special hardening Procedure, completely hand hammered, finished by hand.
Level - Semi Professional, Intermediate.
Applications - Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock.
Sound - Explosive, Powerful, Quick Response with lasting Sustain.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 10’’ €85 12’’ €95 14’’ (hi-hat) €210 16’’ €140 18’’ €183 20’’ €200

M8 Series cymbals are made using brass blanks that are produced to our specifications. Though M8 is an entry level cymbal it is still treated with the highest quality standards and hand crafted production processes to ensure a product worthy of the UFIP name. A balance between cost and quality, the M8 Series can be considered a good alternative to other mass produced products available on today’s market. For more info: M8 Series

Main Features
Alloy - Sheet Brass.
Production - Hand hammered, hand finished.
Level - Entry Level.
Applications - All Musical Genres.
Sound - Clear, Powerful, Complete and Dynamic.

In Stock(30.06.2015): 12’’ €58

Symphonic Series

Our instruments are renowned all over the world among demanding professional orchestra players. Each pair is carefully matched according to weight and acoustic properties. From a low sizzle to a full volume solo crash these cymbals offer brilliance in sound and responsiveness. Each available size is offered in three weight categories: Francese (light), Viennese (medium) and Germanic (heavy). A full range of sizes from 14’’ to 21’’ leaves nothing to be desired!

In Stock(30.06.2015): light 14’’ €447 ; medium 14’’ €447

Light Bronze marching cymbals

Light Bronze Marching cymbals are lightweight instruments that offer a powerful sound. They are carefully matched in pairs selected from our new B12 alloy. This makes them specially suitable for the use in youth orchestras and community bands. They are available in sizes of 13” and 14”. For more info: Symphonic Marching Cymbals

In Stock(30.06.2015): B12 14’’ €214
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